Bendid StringsTM

Introducing Bendid StringsTM. Bendid Strings Cajons provide a snare sound effect through a patent pending installation of guitar strings that offers crisp snares in the high tones while virtually eliminating them from the bass tones.  The Studio String Cajon model is a high quality hand crafted custom Cajon.  The Cajon box is made of Birch veneer plywood with solid Maple upper corners and solid Maple picture-framed Tapa mount.  The Tapa is wood veneer on birch plywood.  The Tapa is secured with stainless steel screws.  The Bass sound port is ideally located to provide optimal resonance while a smaller sound port, or handle, is located near the top for the higher frequencies.  Inside, the cajon is reinforced along the edges for additional strength.  The finish is clear lacquer and each cajon is supported on solid rubber feet.

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